Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Welcome to Saturday Crochet!

Poppy says "hello" and "welcome" to you!  This is my first post here on my brand-spanking-new blog, and I named it Saturday Crochet because that's the day when I do the majority of my most-favorite hobby: crocheting.  I have a full-time job that I love, but it keeps me pretty busy during the week.  When a dear friend of mine was expecting her first child in 2015, I wanted to make her something extra special.  I had always wanted to know how to crochet, but I was intimidated by the patterns and the terminology and abbreviations and such.  With the help of YouTube and the many talented and delightful crochet teachers on the Internet, I learned how to do the basics, and I made her this (she is from Ukraine, and her husband is from the USA):

That was my very first blanket and major project, and I have to say, I was kinda proud. I hope her daughter (now 2 years old!) will get many years of warmth and happiness from that blanket.  It was a pleasure to make, and even though it was somewhat of a challenge, I was hooked.

So now, 100+ projects and many hours of practice later, I can safely say that crochet is my hobby and it will be for a lifetime.  Crochet is such a relaxing, fun, and practical thing to do, I just love it.  And whenever I'm not working on my job to earn money (to buy more yarn, of course), you'll most likely find me somewhere comfy with a hook in my hand and a smile on my face.

I plan to use this blog as a way to share my makes, my finds, and to share my love of crochet with you.  I hope you'll visit often and enjoy your stay.