As much fun as it would be, I could never hope to write or demonstrate on video all the crochet tips, tools, and techniques that I have learned from others who have already done them so well.  So here's my list of who taught me how to do the basics and extras:

Beginner Crochet Series by B.hooked Crochet
Brittany is a fantastic teacher. This series will show you all the basic stitches. She goes slow enough where you can practice along with her videos, which is so helpful for newbies. She also does a podcast that is so much fun to listen to.

Beginner's Granny Square by Bella Coco
Sarah-Jayne's channel is full of lovely crochet tutorials. Her granny square tutorial helped me make my very first one! Keep in mind, she is in the UK and does her patterns using UK terminology; but she also gives the US terminology along the way in a very clear manner, so I didn't find it confusing at all.

The Magic Circle by June Gilbank
Oh, how I avoided learning this technique! I was scared of it because I didn't understand it, and it eluded me for months, until I found June's tutorial. Now I make magic circles all the time with ease.

More to try:
Crystals and Crochet
HappyBerry Crochet
Every Trick on the Hook
Marly Bird
Petals to Picots
Repeat Crafter Me

These are just a few of my favorites. There are probably thousands more out there. Have fun exploring the wonderful world of crochet!